When Everyone Else Goes Right, Go Left

When I visited Bryce Canyon, I didn’t get nearly enough time to hike in it. I had a short weekend to squeeze it in, so I had to book a tour to get the most out of Utah.

Booking a tour meant less hiking and more tourist stops. But that didn’t stop me from exploring.

As we reached a lookout point, our tour guide told us to go ahead and wander, then go right and head more up the mountainside. He also asked us to not go left down another path, as it takes you too far away from the main path.

But what I heard was: that’s a much cooler path and you should go down it. So you know what? I did go down it.

It took you much deeper into the canyon and I got way better view points and saw even crazier hoodoo formations. Even though I totally lost track of time and had to run back up the long path, it was totally worth it. My tour guide was frustrated with me, but luckily I’m super charming and got away with it.

Booking tours aren’t always ideal, but when you do them, remember that sometimes it’s okay to go left when everyone else is going right.

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