The Must-Have Travel Apps

In today’s world, travel apps are almost as important as the travel itself. Plane tickets, sightseeing, and food are all important parts of traveling and there are apps for all of it! To break through the clutter of the surplus of apps available, I’ve put together a list of the must-haves and how they have helped me create great travel experiences.

Showaround – This app connects you with locals in the city you’re visiting so they can show you around (hence the name). I had a long layover in London recently, so I decided to use Showaround. I met with an awesome girl who took me to all the best sites in London. She also brought me to a tiny gelato shop, which was incredible! On the app you can sign up to be a local tour guide in your city or sign up as the traveler who’s visiting.

showaround 2

Hitlist – This is one of my very favorite apps! It gives you all the best flight deals, but breaks it down into helpful categories like Weekend Getaways, European Adventures, Tropical Getaways, Spicy Food Spots, etc. You name it, they probably have a category for it!

hitlist 1

Hopper – While many flight watching apps work great, Hopper has been so helpful to me when booking flights. Sometimes I have trips planned out so far in advance that I’m never really sure when the best time to buy the flight would be, but Hopper provides great predictions and updates me when I should buy and how many days I have left before it jumps up in price again. It also gives great suggestions for other flight deals you might like!

hopper 1

Uber – This one is kind of obvious, but some people forget that Uber is an option. Someone told me when they were in Cape Town, they rented a driver and a car. For the entire time! Yes, they did some traveling outside the city, which was too far for using Uber, but while you are in that city, Uber is everywhere and it’s cheap and convenient. Research the city and if Uber is there, USE IT!

uber 1

WhatsApp – When traveling, this messaging app has been my savior in connecting with my travel companions, new local friends, and my family back home. Everyone is pretty much on this app. Calling or sending messages to a foreign number can cost a lot. This app makes it easy to connect with anyone, anywhere without getting hit with charges. It’s sort of like Skype, but better. You can message, audio call, and video call.


Zomato – This app has come in handy when I’m in a city and I have no idea where to eat. Zomato is available pretty much all over the world and it helps you search for restaurants and places to eat, and also gives fun suggestions. It provides photos, ratings, reviews, and more. I have found some very delicious bites through this app!

Zomato 1

Apps Away!

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