Honesty & Happiness

As I approach my 26th birthday, and become slightly more scared of getting older, it’s made me reflect on what’s important and what life should be about. For me, that’s honesty and happiness. This past year I’ve traveled all over the world, started a job I’m passionate about, saw beautiful changes occur in my family, and dated a myriad of guys, some of who when right next to me couldn’t be more far way and one whose physical distance has not let his emotional closeness and care for me waiver. A lot of different things have happened and it gives me those weird, uncertain feelings of how my life will play out. That feeling is frustrating and hard to shake, but one thing I can control for myself is honesty and happiness.

I wake up most days thinking, “Why aren’t people more honest with each other and themselves?” In the grand scheme of life I think honesty is essential. It starts by being honest with yourself. I personally hate trying to suppress or deny anything that just is what it is–feelings I have for someone, a risk I should take, a sad reality… we’re better off being truthful to ourselves and others. Things become so much harder when you’re not honest because you know you shouldn’t be lying. You also end up living life with a lot of unanswered questions. You’ll start to ask “what if?” way too much and it won’t feel good. Take your feelings, thoughts, desires, or hardships and just let them be free.

That brings me to happiness. Being honest is a huge part of happiness, even if it means accepting something sad or uncomfortable because eventually you’ll pull through and it will make you a stronger, happier person.

I understand it can feel like happiness is one of the hardest things to find, but when you break it down, it should really be as simple as doing what makes you happy and being with who makes you happy.

Sometimes we really want something and either certain circumstances hold us back from it or a million excuses do. Don’t let that happen. I’m not saying there won’t be difficult parts or sacrifices won’t be made, but if you know those tough parts will ultimately lead to making YOU happy (not anyone else, it’s your damn life!) then why don’t you just do it? I personally try to think about my future and how I’d feel missing out on something that could’ve made me over the moon happy, just because I let difficult circumstances or even other people dictate what I want. No. Again, don’t let that happen. You have the chance right now to avoid regret and make yourself happy in long run.

I won’t let the days pass by living with unhappiness, nor will I lie to myself or others. I want to live life to the fullest, and that requires honesty and fighting for what makes me happiest. There’s no better time than the present to do that.

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