Give Me a Break, Give Me a Break, Break Me Off a Piece of That…

Sorry, not a Kit Kat bar. Although I never pass one up. No–break me off a piece of that much-needed rest please!

I was recently in dire need of a real break from social media, along with some rest after working overtime during a busy time in my digital copywriting role (which I love by the way). This meant that my personal writing and social media had to be put on hold. It’s been two months since I’ve written a blog post and been active on Instagram. In fact, I disabled Instagram and went private across the board. All of it was a distraction from what I really needed to focus on—my career and well-being.

I’m a very ambitious person with many aspirations, and while I always keep after the things I want, that doesn’t mean I can’t give myself a break. I have a job I’m passionate about and that needed (and still needs) to come first. I knew I had to pause on my personal writing to give myself proper rest and thinking space. I also needed to end my bad habit of opening up Instagram on my phone without even realizing it during work. Plus, disconnecting gave me the chance to really enjoy my weekends, the wonderful weather, and time with family and friends. There was no worrying about my social media activity.

The result of all this relaxing and breaking? Well, my production at work has skyrocketed, my writing has improved, and I’ve now had time to rest my mind and reflect on what’s important for me to discuss in my personal writing. So, I got through the thick of it at my job, and I finally feel revived with fresh ideas.

I love to write about travel, but I also believe I have a powerful point-of-view on many topics such as feminism, dating, social issues, and more. Visit my new Perspective page and continue to check back to (hopefully) gain some new insight.

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