A Year of Blogging

It’s been a year since I started my blog and I’m proud that I’ve kept it going this long. It’s not as simple as it seems to run a blog and be a strong content creator. It takes time, creativity, and a willingness to share personal details about your life. There’s a lot I’ve come to discover over the course of this past year of writing and thought it was most fitting to share a blog post on these learnings.

The time it takes to generate ideas, write them down, edit, and then share and promote your content is definitely an eye-opener. I consistently have ideas, but getting to all them doesn’t always happen. I work a full-time digital copywriting job and I always put that first. It’s also essential to me that I do what makes me happiest, and sometimes that means taking a break from writing.

I realize I could’ve wrote so much more this past year. While having limited time is a big factor, so is being scared. Not everything I desire to write about is fun and light-hearted or about travel. I have notebooks filled with personal, intimate writings about my life that I’m not ready to share with others. I also harbor strong opinions and point-of-views on many issues that aren’t so easy to just openly share with the world.

This also brings up something else I learned: It’s very scary and uncomfortable knowing the various people from my life can have such easy access to my thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, and opinions. There are some things I’m nervous to share because I don’t want my family, friends, SOs, or exs to see. I especially don’t like that the men from life can simply go to my blog and social media accounts and easily get insight on what I’m doing and thinking. My writing is my art and putting it out there in the world for everyone to see makes me feel so vulnerable, but at times also so incredibly strong and brave.

This past year has brought me closer and closer to publicly expressing the things I’m afraid to write. It’s why I started my perspective page. It’s thrilling and empowering, but still brings a level of anxiety that I hope trickles away as I push through more and more. I always try to remember that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

So here’s to a year of writing blog posts about my travels and perspective, getting past the vulnerability of sharing my art, and to the notebooks filled with pages of writing that I hope to one day present to the world.


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