Postcard Series – #1 Cork, Ireland 1973

I love stories and I love travel. So, in this new series I’m setting out to find postcards sent to family and friends from all over the world. I’ll be hitting up junk stores, thrift shops, etc. to search for unique cards that showcase beautiful moments and special experiences in travel.

To begin, let’s head back to 1973. Winnie and Eddie M. write to Anna from Cork, Ireland.



Anna – We are finally settled in out home in Ireland. It just doesn’t seem possible. We have a very nice new bungalow, fully furnished + situated in a beautiful spot overlooking the River Lee. We are 20 miles from Cork, about the same size as Trenton, + in the heart of the tourist area. Say hello to your mother for us. Also our regards to all our friends back home. 

Winnie & Eddie M

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